I Create Happy New Beginnings!

I do this by helping people buy and sell homes and making that an awesome experience. Buyers, I work with you to find and possess the home of your dreams through expert negotiating and positioning you to win. Sellers, I work with you to sell your house for the most money, in the least amount of time, with the least amount of hassle by proper preparation, pricing, and superior marketing.

I’m here to be your advocate, your real estate consultant, negotiator, and to organize the details of your transaction. My goal is to exceed your expectations by the attention and service that I provide so that you will gladly introduce me to the people you care about most.

Whether you’re moving in, out, up, down, or out of town,
I’m your guy.

Steve Kirby, building dreams and relationships one home
at a time.

So, what is the the Happy New Beginnings Experience?

The Happy New Beginning Experience begins when you entrust us with your real estate transaction, but it doesn’t end there!

We enjoy cultivating relationships with our clients and earning your trust so that by the end of the process, we are honored to call you a friend. You will receive an invitation to join The Happy New Beginnings Club on Facebook, where we announce fun events, occasional giveaways like our Thanksgiving Holiday Pie Pick-Up and the Magical Holiday Party in December

Fun Client Appreciation Parties and Events

Giveaways including sporting events, art gallery tickets, museums and more

Holiday Pie Pick Up– free delicious holiday desserts from the best gourmet RVA bakeries

Housewarming Parties

¨ Annual Magical Holiday Party

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